Together at the Top


What Makes A Health Coach Unique?

As your health coach I work with you to integrate healthy habits into your daily life. Taking a holistic approach, we’ll work together on finding a balance for better health in all areas of your life, both on and off your plate. Health coaches work with clients to help them discover how to fuel their bodies, and become the healthiest, happiest versions of themselves. Clients who have spent time working on their integrated health have gone on to see measurable improvements in their productivity, confidence in social and professional settings, and learn to make healthier choices every day. Health Coaches emphasise health beyond nutrition as they approach wellness through primary food. At the core is the idea that there are areas of your life that impact your health just as much as the food you eat – your relationships, career, happiness, and physical activity.

How Does It Work?

  1. A Health History form is completed by the client, which is then followed by a 45-minute phone call in which we review your current eating habits, lifestyle, and background.

  2. Your Health Coach will assess your current lifestyle, concerns, and goals to create a tailored program just for you.

  3. Once you decide on a program (4/8/12 weeks) we work towards breaking down your goals into actionable steps to achieve them.

  4. In your follow up sessions I will suggest the 1-3 food or lifestyle changes that will move you towards reaching your goals. Together we will build on habits from the prior sessions with a few assignments to complete in between sessions. We will also discuss your progress and obstacles. Format: Two 50-minute health-coaching sessions per month OR One 25- minute health-coaching sessions per week. (This will take place on the phone or in person.)

  5. In your final session we will assess your progress, discuss what worked best for you, and I will suggest recommendations to maintain what you’ve achieved.


  • You will be held accountable to your goals and commitments.

  • You will be given the support and guidance you need via Whatsapp, emails, and phone conversations.

  • You will receive a variety of handouts, recipes, and tailored recommendations for your specific goals.


In terms of assessment and measuring your progress we’ll focus on whether your goals have been achieved, and how you feel mentally and physically. We don’t focus on numbers – scale, calories, or portions. Focusing on numbers takes away from your progress, can create an unhealthy relationship with food, and discourage your attunement with your hunger/fullness cues.